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Advertising icons black set with multimedia propaganda publication isolated vector illustration
Colorful flat set of social and political propaganda posters isolated vector illustration
Voice web mass media and gifs propaganda icons set isolated on white background flat vector illustration
Flat infographics presenting information about different ways of social and political propaganda vector illustration
Flat set of web media print and gifts social propaganda isolated on white background vector illustration
Anti war propaganda design concept with young man holding placard and watching and photographing cartoon characters flat  vector illustration
Anti war propaganda design composition with two young men advertising shirts with no war symbols cartoon flat vector illustration
Nuclear explosion poster with atom mushroom and anti-war text vector illustration
Online voting isometric background with view of workspace with laptop election website passport and editable text vector illustration
Advertising concept with outdoor billboard with ad and marketing icons set vector illustration
Advertising design concept set with outdoor media souvenirs marketing flat icons isolated vector illustration
Pre-election canvassing campaigning with candidates talking to people political cartoon composition with ballot box vector illustration
Election candidate horizontal banner with isometric images placard with portrait editable text and read more button vector illustration
Revolution 4 promoting constructivist posters set with calls for strike fight unity liberty vintage isolated vector illustration
Presidential election candidates engaged in political debates in front of potential voters silhouettes cartoon poster vector illustration
Protesting crowd and police design concept with group of emotional people and protester apprehended by officers cartoon vector illustration
Advertising infographics set with marketing strategy symbols charts and world map vector illustration
Composition 2x2 for elections voting report and presentation or website vector illustration
Politics election campaigning 2 cartoon vertical banners set with racing for president candidate speech isolated vector illustration
Raised fist vintage constructivist revolution communism promoting poster symbolizing unity solidarity with oppressed people fight vector illustration
Revolution propagating website homepage constructivist vintage style design with broken handcuff fight for freedom concept vector illustration
Protesting people decorative icons set of young men and women demonstrating protest with placards and flags isolated cartoon vector illustration
Advertising flat banners vertical set with outdoor media souvenirs elements isolated vector illustration
Election day political poster with voters casting ballots at polling place cartoon composition dark background vector illustration
Party meeting isometric design concept with politician and his security speaking in front of audience vector illustration
Revolution here now slogan website banner  vintage style design with power in unity concept symbol vector illustration
Election campaign isometric composition with view of press conference with speaking candidate and party member characters vector illustration
Exit poll isometric background with view of office and worker characters analyzing data with editable text vector illustration
Revolution propagating calls for fight freedom unity symbols 2 horizontal vintage constructivist icons sets isolated vector illustration
Revolution political slogans concept 4 vintage constructivist compositions set with calls unity liberty freedom isolated vector illustration
Voting isometric background with row of cabins for filling in ballot papers with holes and text vector illustration
Advertising multimedia target publishing icons set with billboards and signage isolated vector illustration
Mass media icons set with press online and photo media symbols flat isolated vector illustration
Vertical Banners for elections voting report and presentation or website vector illustration
Revolution socialism promoting constructivist set with power liberty unity struggle for freedom symbols vintage isolated vector illustration
Election advertising isometric background with outdoor view and billboards with portraits of electing candidates and text vector illustration
Site header election isometric composition of isolated icons voting symbols cabins and human characters with text vector illustration
Election set with isometric icons and isolated images of voting symbols ballot papers cabins and ads vector illustration
Protesting crowd of peaceful urban residents walking on streets of city with placards cartoon vector illustration
Presidential election campaign participants attributes cartoon icons collection with candidates supporters activists and slogans isolated vector illustration
Set with three isolated round election compositions of isometric ballot boxes voting papers and computer screens vector illustration
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