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Flat Vector Illustration or Realistic Art

25 March 2021

You are in lockstep with time and prefer simple decisions. You are a smartphone person who adores funny stickers in chats and you are quite interested in simple images. Well, we feel you but flat design is a bit more than just emoticons and plain objects.

Flat design is rather young indeed. In the beginning of 2010-s it appeared to gradually replace so called skeuomorph – almost realistic visualization of diverse objects. Skeuomorphic images imitating materials and textures were quite impressive. However, the hectic pace of life and technological process suddenly have brought us to another point of view, in favor of some simplistic ways. Design has become more ergonomic and minimalistic.

Minimalism images are not only stylish but handy and expressive. What is important about flat illustration?

It’s simple. There are only simple objects and sharp contours. Such images are coherent and easy to read. This dramatically influences usage.

Nothing extra. No volume shades, or spots, or textures. Just shape and meaning.

Exact and precise. Contrast fonts, bright colors, user-friendly symbols help us understand interfaces without distracting. There is no need to complicate your design strategy.

Brightness and contrast. As a rule, there are no gradients and renditions, only custom colors used.

Where to apply?

Flat design is ideal for websites, mobile applications and even printed issues. It is suited for those who appreciates user-friendly, aesthetically pleasant decisions.

Vector images created in flat style help users to perceive content when using diverse devices and understand their basic interface functionality.

Then, flat vector illustration is basically used on lending pages, website wrappers, icons and hints in services. Actually one cannot imagine web-interface without flat design.

Also it is specifically used for article illustrations and T-shirts design as there are no limits for creative people and their needs.

Why use?

It is obvious that language of flat illustration is exact and functional. It is used by people who appreciate their time and are open to trends.